I have had series of sessions with newbies and encountered tech enthusiasts. Tech enthusiasts yet confused about what to do and how to go about owning a tech career. In this article, I will be answering some of your silent questions and shed light on how you can kick start your tech career.

Get it clear not all tech career require coding. Technical writers, Designers are doing well

Why do you want to do this?

“When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”( Myles Munroe ) You must know why you want to embark on a journey if you want to keep going. …

Karen sleeps a lot for so long that she taught it was a disease but when her love for coding came knocking, she had to choose between productivity and set back. Join Zainab Bolanle Abdullahi as she chats with Karen Efereyan on Kwarabuild womenintech monthly chit chat.

Face of the month of June

Z: Its awesome having you here Karen, Tell us, what are your tech skills?

K: I am a front end developer currently. I aspire to be a full stack, [laughs] I have skills in HTML CSS and JavaScript. I also have good knowledge about git and its services like github.

Z: That’s awesome…

There was a particular session KBWT held that had Chioma James on board. I learnt to be confident about my skills and not to be shy about them. I also learnt to be able to package myself.

Meet Favour Emmanuel, who shared the excitement of her tech career in Digital Marketing and Graphic design motivated by her love for colors in this interview with Zainab Bolanle Abdullahi.

Z: Great to have this conversation with you today Favour. How are you coping with the stay-at-home/social distancing situation going on right now?

F: I’m coping well. It has been a learning process…

We present Boluogun Adeola Bernice, a final year student of Mathematics, a frontend developer, an AIESECer, a Microsoft student partner and an Ingressive ambassador unilorin, as our face of the month of March. In this article, we share the exclusive interview by Zainab Bolanle Abdullahi as she carries out the conversation with Adeola about her journey in Tech.

Boluogun Adeola

Z: I’m excited to talk to you today. So Adeola, what motivated you to start your tech career?

A: Curiosity. I have always been a very curious individual growing up. When I began making use of Google and some social media platforms…

Read on how you can build and sustain your career in tech by Chioma James, our guest speaker at the February online seminar held by Kwarabuild Women in Tech.

Chioma James

Technology in Nigeria is growing and the need to be world class developers is the aim of many Nigerian developers. Most of them however get carried away and forget that it’s not enough to build as sustenance is also important. You must know that technology changes rapidly and you must be able get acquainted in using recent technology. …

It usually occur that we have more people who admire others than people who are admired.

For instance, we may admire a lady doing well in her tech career and wish to be like her. We even put it on the top of our list of goals to be achieved. Yet, it seems unachievable. In this article, the ladies of Kwarabuild bare their minds on what they think are the hindrances to achieving set goals. The discourse also provides solutions to some of these problems.

Jaiyeola: My problem is procrastination and the inability to get connected to the right people…

Zainab Bolanle Abdullahi(KBWomeninTech Team) interviewed Hammed Nimotallahi Bolajoko (KBWomeninTech member), who started her career in tech fully through the exposure she got from the community. She was the winner of the code challenge at KBWomeninTech workshop in 2019. She is our face of the month of February 2020

Hammed Nimotallahi Bolajoko, KBwomenintech face of the month of Februar

Z: We’d like to know your name.

N: My name is Hammed Nimotallahi Bolajoko.

Z: What motivated you to start a career in tech?

N: I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft products, I started with their Windows 98. When I saw another PC with Windows XP, I was confused as a…

Kwarabuild women in tech

Of all economic and cultural development systems, technology, due to its continuous reforms and updates is the most forward looking. The trendy feature of technology gives a positive outlook towards life generally and this includes views on gender issues. Tech knows no gender, a user is a user and gender does not define the extent of a user’s abilities. The perception of female techies in Kwarabuild for example goes a long way to show that tech does not support gender inequality and that a techie (gent or lady) can achieve whatever reach he/she aspires.

However, men and women who effect…

Adeola Olaleye

I’m a software developer and a tech community Advocate, I’m committed to helping others, women in particular to design a roadmap for a successful tech career

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