I have had series of sessions with newbies and encountered tech enthusiasts. Tech enthusiasts yet confused about what to do and how to go about owning a tech career. In this article, I will be answering some of your silent questions and shed light on how you can kick start your tech career.

Get it clear not all tech career require coding. Technical writers, Designers are doing well

Why do you want to do this?

“When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”( Myles Munroe ) You must know why you want to embark on a journey if you want to keep going. If the reason for walking on a path isn’t clear, you might want to give up, but you need to keep going irrespective of the situations on the road because you have a goal to attain.

Choose a path

Technology is a world on its own which has continents, countries, states, and cities. That’s funny, isn’t it? You can ask a software engineer to be sure of this. You have to choose your country, your state, and the city you prefer to dwell in. There are different fields in tech that require certain skills. You will need to read about them to know the one that can work for you.

Here are the lists of common tech fields you might want to consider:

Web Development

Mobile Development

Product/Graphics Design

Product Manager

Technical Writing

UI/UX Designing

Data Science

Digital marketing

Cloud Computing

Cyber Security

From the resources listed above, you will have a better understanding of major fields in technology that you can dive into.

Oh, you confused about which one to go for? Let me take you through how to choose a field;

  • Consider your passion
  • Consider why you want to be in tech
  • Consider your present skills
  • Consider your ability
  • You might want to consider which one is the most global wanted skill.
Getting to decide on the path to walk on can be so exciting!!!

Let’s assumed you’ve been able to consider a path to walk in the tech sphere, here are some approaches you need to take along;

Determine the best way to learn — There are thousands of resources online for you to have a broad knowledge of the field you’ve chosen. If you are good at self-learning, you can enroll for online courses, considering Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, freecodecamp, and so on.

Self-learning isn’t working for you? That’s not a disadvantage. Get yourself a coach or register for a physical boot camp. Any way it comes, you just have to learn.

Stay consistent — what can get you out of this field easily is inconsistency. Your consistency can get you to know what takes others a year to know in few months, your consistency can get you a paying job, and make you relevant in the tech sphere. One of the ways to stay consistent is to refuse to be discouraged.

It’s not all so smooth but your focus and passion will get you going, knowing fully well that all challenges on the way are signs of a step higher.

Surround yourself with like minds — Consider being part of one or more than one tech community. This enlarges and strengthens your network. Remember your network is your net worth. Collaborate with others and don’t be shy to ask questions when you need to, no one is an island of knowledge.

Stay up to date — Technology evolves everyday, just as the world does. If you work with web technology, for instance, don’t hesitate to search for things like, “what’s new with web?” Follow those who are in the same fields with you on social media, or any tech-related accounts that provide important information.

You don’t have to know everything to be a techie. It’s a good thing having understanding of some other fields, but in any field you choose, be a master init.

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I’m a software developer and a tech community Advocate, I’m committed to helping others, women in particular to design a roadmap for a successful tech career

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