KBWomen in Tech discuss hindrances to achieving set goals.

It usually occur that we have more people who admire others than people who are admired.

For instance, we may admire a lady doing well in her tech career and wish to be like her. We even put it on the top of our list of goals to be achieved. Yet, it seems unachievable. In this article, the ladies of Kwarabuild bare their minds on what they think are the hindrances to achieving set goals. The discourse also provides solutions to some of these problems.

Jaiyeola: My problem is procrastination and the inability to get connected to the right people that to put me through my desired interests in tech.

Jimmy: Sometimes we set the bar too high for ourselves in such a way that we get discouraged when we fall short of that goal. It’s good to set goals and be ambitious but we need be careful of setting the bar too high. Let’s take it one step at a time by setting short time goals that are achievable. There’s a process, let’s ensure we follow it. Even the people we model our lives after struggle with some things. Let me conclude by saying that one man’s short is another man’s baggy short.

Favour: As a lady, one gets discouraged at a point. It could be due to the learning pattern that’s available to her. She could be someone who learns best when there’s a physical tutor (which may not be readily available), so she’s forced to stick with the internet which could get her frustrated or drop the idea. I’m an example of this kind of a person. I get quite discouraged when I’m not getting the required resources that I need to thrive in that area. What I do is have those who are in that field I want to build a career on surrounding me, so that I can ask those questions on areas I’m not clear about. One thing that works best for me is to go practical in that field. How do I mean? I’d thrive well in that field if I’m giving tasks to do on it all the time. This way, I keep growing, learning and unlearning.

Pelisha: Not setting realistic goals or just ignoring process. We want to be like someone while forgetting that they went through a process. They went through frustrating moments, times they wanted to give up etc. What we need is mentorship. When you admire someone in your field, try to move closer, read their stories, follow on Social Media and send a DM to ask if they be interested to guide you. Asking questions help as well.

Adeola: I get scared that I can’t stand alone without like minds surrounding me. On the other hand, if it’s just a one time learning thing, I most times don’t continue with it.

Dee: From my experience, I may love and admire something and wish to do that thing but have no knowledge about where to start from, how to start or whom to go to for mentorship. The problem arises when we find answers sometimes but don’t fully utilize it. Other times, we abuse it especially if it is through a familiar medium. As mentioned by Jaiyeola, procrastination also has a negative input.

B.A.B: Another problem is the lack of consistency in learning. I believe having the passion or interest to do something is not enough, a major determining factor for achieving what you set out to do is consistently putting in the time needed to learn and practice deliberately. The solution to this problem is to become much more intentional and deliberate in learning and practicing consistently and not getting demotivated when I encounter any problems during the course of learning and practicing.

What are the hindrances to your own set goals? Do you wish to overcome them? Join our community @KBwomenintech and let’s win together.

Compiled by Hajarat Abiodun Alli

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